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  • Just Completed: Dordt College Clock Tower

    November 14, 2011

    Confluence has led campus design and planning efforts for several enhancements and improvements to the Dordt College Campus. One of these recent improvements includes a new Clock Tower that was just completed in September 2011.

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    • Dordt College selected Confluence to develop a concept for this iconic new clock tower on the Dordt College campus with the goal of providing a landmark feature within the campus core.

      The clock tower was designed as a component to a larger, central gathering space. It marks a place where students can congregate, socialize and reflect. This plaza provides a flexible area for public gatherings, speeches and musical events. An information kiosk is positioned adjacent to the tower to provide a location for news, announcements and other information. A low wall surrounds the plaza, providing a place for student interaction. Ornamental trees and grasses surround the clock tower, grounding it to the site and creating a sense of enclosure within in the plaza.

      The design of the clock tower supports the identity of the college by honoring the faith and reflecting the mission that is at the center of the Dordt College experience. This campanile bears the hallmarks of a traditional building type; tall and slender with a strong grounded base and pronounced crown. It is anticipated that this space will become a time-honored campus landmark and place of great significance for future generations of students, faculty and alumni.