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  • Landscape Architecture. Your Environment. Designed.

    August 17, 2011

    What if, for just one day, all landscape architects across the country decided to let everyone know what the heck we do. That we create the very places used to live, work and play. That we connect cities. That we create experience. That landscape architecture is your environment, designed.

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    • The world needs to know about landscape architecture, and 08.17.11 is the day it all begins.  It’s the beginning of a movement to step out of the Understory and tell our story to the world.

      To celebrate this momentous occasion, Confluence decided to update and launch our new website.  As our firm has grown, so has our need to illustrate the energy, momentum, and depth of our experience.  We’ve incorporated the broad range of our experience into a new format, including information about our on-going efforts to make a difference in our communities – one project at a time.